My 6 Favorite Genesis Features

Why is everyone using the Genesis Framework on their blogs these days? Sites like Quicksprout and BasicBlogTips have made Genesis their theme framework of choice. That’s because this theme is contains tons of great and innovative features that really make it easy for anyone to create a nice looking website.

In this article, I want to share with you my 6 favorite Genesis features. This is just a brief synopsis, so I would check out this Genesis theme 2.0 review over at SlickWP if you want to read something more in depth.


Mobile Responsive

That’s right. If you switch over to Genesis, then your website will automatically become mobile responsive. What does that mean? It means that your site will look awesome at any screen resolution. So if someone is browsing on your site with an iphone, it will look just as great as if they were looking at it on their iPad.

HTML5 Support

Genesis supports the latest HTML5 standards. This is the latest and greatest web technology, which means your site stays with the times. This means less browser incompatibilities for your visitors which means a better use experience.

Automatic Updates

Don’t you hate manually updating your theme to the latest version? With Genesis, this is all handled automatically with a single click. This means that the whole process remains transparent to you, and you’ll always be updated with the latest and greatest version of Genesis.

Diverse Set of Child Themes

Child themes are what makes Genesis stand out from it’s competitors. No other theme framework has the diversity of themes that Genesis has? There are tons of themes created by the Studiopress designers themselves, plus there’s a wide variety of third party child themes as well. Read this post, if you’re interested in seeing what the best Genesis child themes are.

Genesis Hooks

Genesis provides developers with additional hooks to various places in your theme. This enables people who know how to code unlimited flexibility in their site designs. microdata microdata is becoming more and more important these days. This is because all the major search engines are using microdata to better categorize their search results. Those star ratings that you see in the search results? That’s from schema microdata! Genesis provides hooks that let you customize the what schema microdata specific pages or posts are outputing.


Excited to check out the Genesis theme framework because of these new features? Well, you should be because they’re awesome. So visit the Studiopress homepage, and grab yourself a copy.

Absolute Necessities For Web Hosting Plans

Choosing a best web hosting plan is a crapshoot if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to understand exactly which features are must for your account. This article will explain to you what you should be looking for as you search out a new web host, ensuring that you are able to make a sound decision in the end.

A good control panel is a must when it comes to a web hosting package. If you can’t easily get the tasks done that you need to complete, you’ll find your host just makes you stressed out. If you don’t know much about control panels, sign up for trial accounts on the hosts you are considering, and test their options out. Pretend you are working on a real website, and see if you can do the things you need to such as creating FTP or email accounts.

You may only need one email address now, but situations change as your website grows. Choosing a plan which allows you unlimited email accounts is a must. It should also provide you with your own SMTP server so that you can easily log into your email from either the web or an email program such as Outlook. If you have this ability from the get go, you won’t end up meeting a roadblock in the future.

Your package should also include automated backups. While you may back up your site on your own, knowing you have a second backup available gives you peace of mind. Whether their server room is flooded or someone hacks your site, there are times when you will need to return your site to an older version. If your backup fails for some reason, the host’s won’t.

Web statistics can help you track broken links, traffic sources and more. Knowing where people are coming from can help you to further promote your site. You can also use web statistics in your search engine optimization work. If your server provides you with statistics, you’ll find they are comprehensive and offer a great deal of data. Using third-party statistics is all well and good, but those from the source will always be preferable.

If you plan to have any sort of database, your server will have to include PHP and MySQL. This will be important if you run a blog, forum or service which uses back end scripting. Being able to access your database easily comes with having MySQL installed. PHP is the scripting language used to access an SQL database, so PHPAdmin is also a must. If you don’t have plans for a database today, be sure to think to the future. Whether you add your own message board or create a database of customers or even include a store on your site, having these products installed already will be a huge relief.

There are many other tools which web hosts offer which may become a vital piece of your website. For example, a spam filter on your email will help to keep the volume of garbage which ends up in your inbox to a minimum. Check out what each host you are considering offers, and consider if you can use it today or in the future. An invaluable tool may be waiting for you.

Now that you have a solid knowledge of what your web hosting plan needs to include, you’re ready to choose a package. Be sure to compare your options carefully so that you end up with a reputable company who truly values your patronage. That will give you the server environment you need to get your website out to the masses.